Friday, May 21, 2010

T-shirts and more T-shirts

Last week was my husband's birthday so I thought about doing a special birthday gift: A matching hand-printed t-shirt for both him and our baby boy. They looked so cute!
O aniversário do meu marido foi na semana passada e pensei em fazer-lhe um presente de aniversário especial: 2 t-shirts iguais, uma para ele e outra para o nosso bebé!

And since I was in a mood for printing t-shirts I also did this one which I find rather cute:
E como estava com disposição para imprimir t-shirts aproveitei e também fiz esta:

I had so much fun drawing the stencils, cutting them off and painting the shirts that I'll definitely will be doing some more.
Diverti-me imenso a desenhar o molde, cortar e pintar as t-shirts. Definitivamente farei mais no futuro.

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