Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Typography print

Our house is a blank canvas waiting for some decorations and splashes of colour and because I decided I wanted to it all myself, things are taking a little bit of time.
This means, typography and custom prints will be used throughout the house and I've started in our bedroom: one print for each side of the bed. On my side with my husband's name first letter (V) and on his side with mine (C). I wanted these prints to say something meaningful and after giving a good thought about it I went for a very beautiful song by a portuguese artist that we both like: Rodrigo Leão - La Fête.
This print includes fabric and stencil painting techniques.

Unfortunately, It's not perfect. I was a bit lazy and used the wrong brush to rush things over. I was so excited to see the final result! Result, the paint bled a little bit underneath the stencil. However, I still like the result.
Next step: hang it on the wall.

I've included a video with the music, in case you don't know it. Enjoy!

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