Friday, March 18, 2011

A Birthday Pettiskirt

A lovely princess, daughter of my best friend, just turned 4. And like every princess, she wanted to dress in pink for her birthday.
That said, I made her a lovely Tulle Pink Pettiskirt and to go with it a with t-shirt with a 4 appliqué.

Happy Birthday, princess!

For the skirt, after looking around, the best guideline I found and it worked for me was the one you can find on this blog. Thanks!


Bronwyn said...

Hi Claudia,
Thank you for your lovely comments and reference back to my blog. Your skirt and t-shirt are beautiful. Hope your little girl gave you lots of hugs. She has a very special Mum!

Claudia said...

Hi Bronwyn,
Thanks for your kind words. I had lots of fun putting them together. This little girl is the daughter of my best friend. And I helped her mummy to give her a very special day. And she too is a Special Mum.

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