Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

...or is it scary halloween. Either way, have fun!

We had a lot of fun carving these pumpkins. Not so sure they look that scary, though!

We bought them at Jucker Farmart. We love this farm and they have been having a huge Pumpkin's market and Kürbisausstellung (Pumpkin exhibition) for the past weeks.

They also had a pumpkin contest and the winning one was just over 700 Kg! Apparently a Swiss record this year.

The number 2 pumpkin was being carved that day. Pretty good.

For the market they had more food (and visitors) than usual. We were eating like Swiss do: Raclette, Cervelat (a kind of sausage) and Vermicelli (a very yummy chestnut puree with cream and meringues), and Glühwein (warm and spiced red wine) and Glühmost (warm Apple Juice). All delicious!

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