Saturday, February 4, 2012

Fabric bags, stamps, skirts and paper boxes!

I spent December crafting away, but I couldn't blog about it before because most of it would be Christmas presents.

First was a fabric bag for baby I. We bought her some wood toys and I wanted to give her a bag to keep them together. She loved it and was carrying it around as soon as we gave it to her.

I also made her a skirt in cord fabric following the tutorial from make it love it blog.

Next on, I carved a stamp and wanted a nice bag to wrap it up. I stamped the design onto a piece of fabric which I had dyed with cherries ( the rectangle in the middle).

As part of the Christmas season my son had to take something to school to give to/ share with his friends. So we decided to put together some boxes that they could do themselves as Christmas decorations. I liked very much the result and so did he. He was really proud!

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