Monday, September 24, 2012

Saffron Risotto with Purple & Red Carrots and Onion Rings Tempura

Last night dinner was a bit of best of two worlds. Since we've been to Milan and tried the Saffron Risotto it's probably our favourite risotto. And Tempura, well it's always Tempura. I had bought some purple and red carrots at the Jucker Farm last week and they were just asking to be eaten. I don't even like carrots that much, but in Tempura I just eat about anything even onions!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Tutorial: make your own Rainstick

I find the rain falling quite a soothing sound. And for that reason I always wanted to have my own Rainstick. So this was a great excuse for a crafty afternoon with my little one.

This is how it sounds like:

So, if you want to make yourself one, these are the materials you'll need:

After you gather all the material, just hammer your nails in a helix pattern.

This is how it will look like inside the tube: 

Next step will be to draw and cut the top and bottom of the tube. Use one of the openings of the tube to draw on the cardboard.

Add a margin around and cut it like shown.

Add a layer of glue inside the opening. This will help keeping the lid in place once it dries.

Put the lid on and glue it all around.

Finally, just fill it in with whatever you have around: rice, beans, lentils...

And enjoy the sound.
By the way, some of the photos were taken by my little helper :-).