Wednesday, October 24, 2012

New line on the shop - Sweet Pouches

Finally I have some news: the first sweet pouch is now available on the shop.
These pouches feature a white canvas and include a set of fabric pastels. With these pastels your kids can easily make the pouch their own to offer to mommy, grandma, aunt, favourite teacher...

This is how they look! The pouch measures 27 cm (w) x 19 cm (h) and it is wide on the bottom and zipper opens wide. The model on the photo also includes an inside pocket. You can visit the shop to take a look at the pouch.

The included pastels are special for fabrics, very soft and easy to draw with. To set the colours on the fabric just follow the instructions on the package.

Some time ago, my son did one of these to give to daddy (which he proudly uses to German lessons). And the final look was very nice. The colours are really bright.

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