Monday, November 5, 2012

DIY: Polka Dot Printed skirt

Polka dots are quite whimsical but at the same time very romantic. And colourful polka dots are specially eye catchy.
I printed a white skirt I bought a big while ago. It has been lying around waiting for the right printing inspiration.

How to make your one polka dot skirt

Making your own is very easy and quite a fun project. Just buy (or make) a white skirt that you really like. This one I bought before we left London at a Gap store. I really liked the way it moved and how light it was.
Of course you can use this technique for whatever other fabrics, clothes or materials you like.
As a disclaimer, forgive me for the quality of some of the photos. That's the result of working late at night.

Grab some pencils with a rubber on top. Just grab as many as the colours you want for your skirt.

And now just stamp way. I started with purple. Put a bit of fabric paint on a paper plate and dip the rubber in it. 

Take the excess paint off on a sponge or a paper towel.

And print it on the fabric.

If you apply different pressures you'll get different looking dots. 

Just repeat till you think you have enough polka dots.

Move on to the next colour.

Distribute the dots and you can even overlap some.

Don't forget to set the colours after you finish printing your skirt otherwise the colours will fade away when you wash it. Just follow the instructions on the paint's label.

Now just wear your skirt proudly!

Have fun.

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Nathaly Ortega said...

Wow!The cutest skirt with a POP! of colour just love this cute idea, thinking of making it for my sister who loves bright colours.

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